Keramische Bauteile

High temperature insulations and ceramic components

I-TPT   supplies   thermal   insulation   materials   and   ceramic   components   for   thermal   process plants and other high-temperature apparatus. Examples: insulation boards ceramic fibre products lightweight refractory bricks vacuum formed parts insulation systems quartz glass for high-pressure applications SiC foam ceramics I-TPT   manufactures   ceramic   components   for   high   temperature   applications   as   single pieces    or    in    small    quantities.    These    are    used    e.g.    in    test    benches    or    combustion chambers and can withstand temperatures up to 2200 °C. Perforated   plates   can   be   used   for   hot   gas   distribution,   as   flame   arresters   for   porous burners   or   for   introducing   cooling   air   into   combustion   chambers.   Evenly   arranged   bores with   small   diameters   are   used   for   gas   distribution.   Vacuum   mould   plates   are   processed for   this   purpose,   which   can   be   used   up   to   temperatures   of   approx.   1600   °C.   These   plates are machined by drilling and milling. The minimum bore diameter is approx. 0.6 mm. An   interesting   new   development   are   perforated   plates   that   are   no   longer   drilled.   The materials   used   are   casting   compounds   based   on   zirconium   dioxide   (ZrO2)   or   aluminium oxide   (Al2O3).   The   casting   process   avoids   damage   to   the   green   body   caused   by   drilling individual holes. In addition, the diameter of the holes can be reduced to 0.1 mm.
Lochplatte für Temperaturen bis 2200 °C: Durchmesser 70 mm, Lochdurchmesser 0,6 mm: Material ZrO2 Luftdüse mit Sekundärluftbohrungen für Hochdruckbrenner Luftdüse mit Sekundärluftbohrungen für Hochdruckbrenner Hochgeschwindigkeitsdüse für Temperaturen > 2000 °C: Außendurchmesser 150 mm, Austrittsdurchmesser 10 mm, Material: ZrO2 Brennkammer für Abgasturboladerprüfstand: Innendurchmesser 130 mm, Länge 250 mm, Material: Al2O3 Kachel für Hochtemperaturreaktor: B100 mm x H100 mm x T80 mm, Material: ZrO2 Schaulochscheiben für Hochtemperaturprüfstand D = 175 mm, s = 30 mm, T=500 °C, p = 10 bar Rohr: Außendurchmesser 360 mm, Innendurchmesser 320 mm, Material Al2O3 Isolierplatte für Gasbrenner mit Bohrungen für Gasdüse und Zündelektroden Hochtemperaturflammensperre (1600 °C), D = 430 mm, 4500 Löcher, Lochdurchmesser 1 mm Hochtemperaturflammensperre (1600 °C), D = 430 mm, 4500 Löcher, Lochdurchmesser 1 mm
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