combustion technology

Combustion technology

I-TPT develops and manufactures modern, highly efficient systems for the combustion of gaseous or liquid fuels. Flow simulation programs, software for the calculation of flame temperatures or burning speeds are used for the design. The solutions are characterized by low pollutant emissions and high flexibility. In addition to the design of heating equipment based on standard products, e.g. for the renewal or performance increase of thermal process plants, we develop customer- specific solutions for thermal treatment (TNV) of exhaust gases or low calorific gases under consideration of the current regulations. Solutions for high-pressure applications that require, for example, hot gas with defined properties at pressures of up to 30 bar are also available.
Heißgasfilter Porenbrenner Gasflamme in Brennerprüfstand mit Abgaslanze Gasflamme in Brennerprüfstand Porenbrenner, 120 mm x 180 mm, Leistung ca. 15 kW Brennerversorgungseinrichtungen Laminare Flamme im Glasrohr Nachoxidationssystem zur Verbrennung von Gemischen aus CO, H2, CH4, N2, CO2 Gasflamme eines Drallbrenner
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key competences

o combustion in porous media o surface burner o Fuels: Hydrogen/ biogas lean gas/ sewage gas/ digester gas/ landfill gas natural gas/LNG/heating oil o thermal exhaust gas treatment