Thermoprozess- anlagen

Thermoprocessing systems, Industrial furnaces

The     range     of     services     includes     thermoprocessing     systems     for     continuous     or discontinuous   heat   treatment   for   various   industries.   The   plants   are   designed   to   customer specifications     and     are     thus     precisely     tailored     to     the     capacity     and     productivity requirements   of   our   customers.   Depending   on   the   application,   our   plants   can   be   heated electrically or with natural gas, heating oil or other fuels. We   attach   great   importance   to   developing   optimal   solutions   together   with   our   customers. For   this   purpose,   modern   calculation   methods   are   used,   e.g.   to   determine   the   heating behaviour   of   the   material   over   time   and   to   find   the   best   heating   strategy.   This   allows   the quality   of   the   later   product   to   be   significantly   influenced   already   during   the   design   phase. Necessary   physical-chemical   models   are   derived   and   compared   with   the   knowledge   of the customer, often based on decades of experience. In    addition    to    the    delivery    of    new    systems,    I-TPT    also    offers    its    customers    the modification   of   existing   systems,   e.g.   the   exchange   of   heating   technology,   the   renewal   of insulation.   We   are   also   happy   to   advise   you   on   suitable   measures   to   increase   energy efficiency.
Kettenförderer Kettenspannvorrichtung im Kühlband Glassenkbiegofen Scherenhubtisch mit Kettenförder Driftventilatoren Gasbrennersystem Widerstandsheizung
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o Discontinuous/ Continuous o Gas burner or electric resistance heater o Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for precise process control and integration into larger automation solutions